Three pitfalls in online bingo

When you are playing online bingo, it’s best to do so in a responsible way. Bingo is all about having fun, and if you’re smart enough, you can probably make some money off of it as well. However, far too often I see bingo players playing the game the “wrong” way. They seem irritated, like they’re not having fun, and they aren’t really making the most of the game. I’ve played bingo for a long time, and I’ve read my fair share of game guided and so on. It’s very often you get an article which tells you things that you should do in online bingo, but not often do you get to read specifically what NOT to do. So in this article I would like to list three classic pitfalls in online bingo, that you should try to avoid!

Being disrespectful in the chat room

Online bingo is really one of the most social forms of online gambling. It’s easy to think that just because you are sitting by yourself in your living room when you are playing, that this wouldn’t be a social activity, but I would like to suggest that online bingo is even more social than when you play in an actual bingo hall. See, in online bingo, you don’t really have to pay as much attention to the game. In live bingo you will have to focus most of your attention to the caller, and you will be busy marking your cards for the vast majority of the bingo round. Even if you are particularly quick marking your cards, you’re still not able to talk much as you might throw other people off. In online bingo, at sites such as, the cards mark themselves, which gives you much more time to chat with the other people in the bingo room. In the chat room, it’s important that you behave well-mannered, people don’t want to listen to other people complaining as it destroys the whole vibe in the chat room. It’s up to everyone to make the bingo experience as positive as possible, so therefore, you should behave respectfully towards the other people in the chatroom.

Playing too much

One of the most common pitfalls in any form of gambling is to play excessively, and I see far too many players doing this in online bingo. Although bingo might be a really fun way to spend your time, it’s important to have a life outside of bingo. You don’t want to end up spending 8 hours everyday in an online bingo room – This will make you fall out with your friends and lose your social life. Therefore, make up some ground rules on how much time you should spend in the bingo room. An hour every day can be pretty responsible. At you can read more on how to play responsibly and not spend too much time or money on your hobby.

Not taking advantage of bonuses

If you think that you lose too much money when you play bingo, it’s most probably because you don’t use the bonuses properly. Far too many people play bingo at sites that don’t offer bonuses, which is pretty much like throwing away your money. Instead, try signing up to three or four different bingo websites that are generous with the bonuses, and play at all of them. Usually, a bingo site will have certain days that they offer deposit bonuses, so the more bingo sites you play at – the more bonuses you are going to be eligible to!